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a term used to tell somebody not to sweat the small stuff and get laid instead.
calm down man, don't sweat the petty shit pet the sweaty shit.
by george January 20, 2005
1- Fecal Matter (direct greek-to-english translation )
2- Often used to describe a situation(s) and feeling(s)
3- Ranked #2 in everyday use of mispronunciated greek words by the "xeni"(outsiders)
4- A prefered meal replacement to anyone who is a picky eater. Strawberries are general served with this. (George the sheppard from the a famous gree melody has been known to eat this with dirt)
2- Mia hara skata - Good as shit
Ta kaname skata - It all went to shits

3- Malakas has recently been ranked #1 amongst the most used mispronunciated greek words by xeni.

4- Fae skata me fraoules - Eat shit with strawberries
"Yioryi, yioryi, yioryanda, pou tas pas ta provata, kato sta holomata, FAE SKATA ME HOMATA" - Georgie, georgie, georgie, where are you taking all the sheep, down to dirt fields? EAT SHIT WITH DIRT"
by GEORGE June 19, 2006
A person (usually female) who becomes a hassle and general embarrassment when drunk. However, they are harmless and cause more laughter/ stories/ material for blackmail than utter humiliation and upset for their minders (usually male).
She was such a liability she tried to take her clothes off.

You're a fcuking liability
by george April 21, 2005
To slap someone across the face with the front or back of your hand.

Refers to the five fingers.
Say that again and ill give you five across the eyes!
by George December 19, 2004
vanilla ice
by george August 09, 2003
Another way of saying that a person is ignorant.
"man that fool is ignet when it comes to women"
by george December 11, 2003
Cross-dressing transexual. As seen in "Silence of the Lambs" film and also mocked in "American Pie 3: The Wedding". A Buffalo Bill is a guy who wants to have a sex change and looks like a girl.
"It put the dress in the drawers" or "It rubs the lotion on the skin unless it wants the hose again".
by George March 26, 2005

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