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222 definitions by GEORGE

Trash talking pussies ass mommas boys and little princesses who grow up listen to z-100 for a couple of years, add mtv throw in tri county and a few wiggers and presto, fucking levittown
Hey mike why are they running away from this fight, theres 3 of us and 9 of them?

Mike: dont you see theyre running scared because its in their nature theyre from levittown
by george November 18, 2004
beauty, happiness, comfort
i can feel colitas in the air, the sweet smell of colitas
by george September 24, 2004
The Intelligent Design Theory suggests that intelligent causes are necessary to explain the complex, information-rich structures of biology, and that these causes are empirically detectable.
Contrary to popular belief, this theory is based on modern science, not religious beliefs.
The latest theory to explain the complexity of the biological world is intellegent design.
by George February 26, 2005
made up word from the eagles, can mean either happiness or even contentness
I feel such colitas around me
by george September 24, 2004
Radiohead is awesome, but honestly, you don't define it on a dictionary website or in any dictionary for that matter... because that's ridiculous... it's not even a word for God's sake.
And mister "Radiohead is for intelligent people," you're embarrassing all of us... spell your words correctly
by George May 17, 2004