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222 definitions by GEORGE

Used to represent a penis or that you want to have sexual intercourse with that person.
"I <3 her o so very much"
by George March 03, 2005
38 98
Jean Paul Gaultier, an overhyped fashion designer with no sense of color, who's clothing line is all either fatuously trite or absurd to the point of being laughable. In short, a hack.
Loser: Did you go to the jpg show last night?
Suave Individual: No, I'm not a slave to the fashion industry's every whim, so I know a lousy designer when I see his work.
by George February 15, 2005
8 70
A suburban hell hole with many malls, and 7-11's for these predominantly catholic and jewish teenagers to loiter in front of. Many kids who act big in front of a crowd and think their "my rules apply here" *looks up at sign 'Pelham Parkway'* and usually get their asses handed to them in a heart beat. Typical dumbfucks of this region could be best defined by Amy Fisher and that no talent, all american burger eating sack of shit Billy Joel
Hey Mikey I just saw the funniest shit.

Oh yea what?

I just saw two dumb blonde haired blue eyed wiggers get shot and robbed in fort apache.

Hahahaha....stupid naive fucking children of long island.
by George March 28, 2005
35 111
when a girl or a homosexual fucks up your day.
damn, that bitch ass hoe gave me a scene.
by george March 12, 2005
44 146
pansies, or group of men who enjoy participating in butt sex.
that navy guy is a panze.
by george March 02, 2005
64 210
A poor black woman

Also something to do with bodypopping, perhaps....
Hey poor black woman! You're such an electric boogaloo
by George January 12, 2004
32 247