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3 definitions by GEN.N0NSENSEI

A classic PC gamer and emul8'r that gets everything online. And a sensei full o' nonsense.
Silent_Grudge: GEN., you're fucking nonsensei.

by GEN.N0NSENSEI December 02, 2010
A game server which automatically uploads files to the right directory(ies) so upon connection you may have a whole other experience, as apposed to having to add additions and utilize them yourself.

Especially convenient as the custom files are only accessed when playing in servermod, rather than alter your game.
Let's join the San Andreas servermod dude, and stunt to the death !!!!!!!!

by GEN.N0NSENSEI January 07, 2011
..Really ? No one has defined this ? And DLing is barely recognized.

ULing means you're uploading.
I'm ULing you the rom now, that site is ass limited.

by GEN.N0NSENSEI December 26, 2010