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The gastrointestinal equivalent of a stay of execution. An urgent need to defecate is temporarily relieved by passing a small amount of gas, or possibly a sale on shoes.
I thought I was going to shit my pants before we got to that rest station, luckily I was able to let a few SBD's out and got a stay of defecation.
by GEGuru February 22, 2011
Named afer the popular brand of recliners, the la-z-beard is the unintentional beard grown when a man is too lazy to shave.
Jim: What's up with that beard dude, you going hipster?

Mike: Nah it's just a la-z-beard, my woman threw out my last razor last week and I've been too lazy to go to the store to buy a new one.
by GEGuru May 11, 2011

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