3 definitions by GD MCDs

Noun- Object that is used on men who want to become straight.
If you think your roommate loves cock in his asshole then you use Straight Spray on him to turn his life around.
It usually works but you can not guarentee that it will change his cock giving and taking ways.
Yo bro I think John is fuckin gay I might have to use some Straight Spray on him so he will stop taking cocks in his ass on the weekend.
by GD MCDs April 16, 2009
Noun-An object that is used to put on condoms for mentally impaired people so the can have intercourse with the vagina or anus. It will only cover the head of the penis and if you are not circumsized then you are screwed...
Dude I was about to nail that hot chick with the huge rack but I forgot to use the capper before and I fucking got her pregnant.
by GD MCDs April 16, 2009
A term used when a girl wants to get cum all over her face and tits by 3 or more men at the same time. After having a cock in her ass mouth and vagina she yells HOSE ME DOWN while the men ejaculate all over her.
Hey that cute guy with the tight ass over there and his friends are fucking hot. I am gunna have them Hose Me Down later on my face and tits.
by GD MCDs April 16, 2009

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