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The call that goes out when you spot some sav - in this case sav meaning a smoking hot girl.
"Sav-ahoy gentlemen! Short skirts at your 6 o'clock"
by GBstyle February 12, 2009
A tightly folded up "wad" of toilet paper jammed in your ass crack to prevent yourself from shitting your pants because you have diarrhea.

Is a temporary fix, for example if it comes on when you're out in a bar or a club. Note the wad needs to be changed quite frequently.

Is most commonly mistaken for a wad of dough/money.
In the Bar:

Guy 1:"Hey man, big night tonight, I've taken out a lot of cash, how about you - you gonna blow your Wad?"

Guy 2: "I sure as hell hope not..." *runs to bathroom again*
by GBstyle March 04, 2009
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