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An arbitrary sexual activity, usually performed by a student to a teacher or professor for brownie points.
Jean: Hey Abdullah, did you hear about how Ashleigh got an A in her math class even though she never turned in any of her assignments?

Abdullah: I did... I heard that she had to give Mr. Steinbreg one hell of a cheeseburger.
by GBoyofSV March 16, 2010
A handjob that is most commonly given by a student to their teacher or professor for brownie points. It is slightly less effective than a "cheeseburger" in achieving brownie points and is often referred to as a "handburger" as well.
Kat: Did you hear about how Garrett got an A+ on Dr. Cheekers's last biology quiz? Everyone else basically failed!

Alex: Dude... I bet he gave Dr. Cheekers a hamburger of epic proportions. Extra mayonnaise.
by GBoyofSV March 18, 2010
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