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Home of Dr. Pepper
Home of the TI Calculators ( Yes your welcome for having games in school )
Home of Bluebell
Home of NASA Space Center
Home of Audie Murphy, the most decorated Soldier of WWII
Home of Dwight D. Eisenhower
Home of Jessica Simpson :D
and Elizabeth Shannon
and Jennifer Love Hewitt
and Eva Longoria
( hotties )

Chea, it's a good state. We say our state is the best because we love our state, like stated earlier, if you don't support your state, then leave it. You can't say Texas sucks, because it doesn't. It might possibly not be the best, but tied with Cali, but you can't say it sucks.

"Most(not all) of them have at some point worked on a farm, gotten drunk and gone a hunting, dragged black person behind their truck, and skipped work to watch a football game on TV."

Biggest city in Texas is Houston, Houston is a urbanized city, so it's not near any farmland. We have 3 more huge cities in Texas, which are urbanized and far from farmland. Every state has people who get drunk. Ever been hunting? It's pretty fun. Every state has racists, and our state is one of the most diverse states, so must of us are tolerant of other people, and the greater majority of people in Texas are friendly. And trucks are awsome! I really want a Ford F-150. Is bigger not better? Say that when you smash your porsche into an F-150 and you car is a pancake, when the F-150 has a fenderbender. And every state watches football. And look at the Houston Texans... obviously we can't be obsessed with Football or we would be the best. Oh ya sorry, forgot about the Cowboys!

"guy2: didn't some guy burn an american flag on the steps of the capital once?"

Chea, he was a communist. He was Anti-American. With Connecticutt born Bush leading our country and giving Texas a bad name, who wouldn't want to be Anti-America? Just playing, America is great, our leader isn't, there are screwed up people everywhere, and there are people who hate us everywhere, so 1 guy doing 1 thing in our state doesn't make our state suck.

also... its the best looking state geographically.

Only problem with Texas, we are under Oklahoma, and above Mexico, and left of New Orleans. New Mexico is pretty cool though. So we got screwed by geographic location.
New Mexico is what keeps Texas from leaving the US
by GBoi May 29, 2007

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