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A wannabe mafia member (usually a snitch) or a wanna be gang member. A traposo usually wears the fake shit, or knockoffs. For example, instead of wearing Prada, the traposo would wear Prado Suits, instead of Versace, he would wear Versase. Usually the guy who just trys too hard.
That guy is a Traposo, ese.
by GAMEELO March 25, 2007
A person who sits at peoples houses, or mostly at their house and smokes all their marijuana, and then exagerates about everything, while beign the biggest slut out a crowd of 3 or more. Usually the person who has the mania of selling marijuana for thousands of dollars, when really marijuana is cheap like $100 a pound. A schizophrenic who smokes pot. Usually a hermaphrodite, transexual or a homosexual person.
Trizzle mania; pass that fucking blunt and stop jerking off and slobbering all over it.
by GAMEELO March 25, 2007
A piece of poop that comes out the anus with hairs stuck to it.
WOW, theres a dingleberry in my toilet...
by GAMEELO March 25, 2007
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