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Noun: Niglet (nig-let)

1. A stinky negro kid who is often mistaken for a piece of excrement.

2. A negro kid found to be eating fried chicken.

3. A type of excrement resembling a black colored pebble.
1. "Damn! That little niglet is stinking up the room!"

2. "Lets go to the local KFC to take photos of stinky niglets."

3. "I was just in the washroom and gave birth to niglets."
by G0D-2012 July 14, 2011
Barack Hussein Obama, also known as Barry Soetoro, was a horrible mistake.

Fact: Obama is the worst president in USA history.
obama is purposely collapsing the USA economy and making Americans poorer. Seriously, obama was a horrible "MISTAKE"!
by G0D-2012 July 14, 2011

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