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pronounced fook, this is a swear word approximately 8 times worse than the f-word. It is rumored that it is illegal in 3 countries yet this cannot be confirmed. It can also be an endearing term and its sign is a hooked finger.
Go phuque yourself.
Phuque for life.
She phuqued him.
by G.T. IV May 31, 2008
The sexual act of two men docking inside of a female. One man inserts his penis in the vagina while the other slides his penis into the woman's anus. Where the two penises touch, the uncircumcised male stretches his foreskin over the head of the other male's penis.
Matt likes to indock.

I heard that Elton John once indocked.

David Bowie is famous for indocking.

I'm bored. Do you care to indock?
by G.T. IV December 30, 2009
The standard unit of measure for blowjobs, push-ups, sit-ups, and other events of a cyclical nature. The unit symbol for up-down is "ud".
Alec only lasted 2 up-downs.

Alex, you owe me 12 up-downs because I won that bet.

Bro, how many up-downs did she give you?
by G.T. IV April 23, 2010

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