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7 definitions by G.T. Collins

Pointing a camera at one's self and taking a picture in either a mirror or directly while making a flirtatious expression, in hopes of gaining new comments/messages on an online social network. I.E. Myspace/Facebook.
Emanuel just uploaded some new bitch pics to his myspace... he's so dreamy.
by G.T. Collins January 17, 2009
84 5
When someone takes a shit, jizzes on it... and then throws it at someone.
Armando found Martha cheating on him after a long day at work; He decided to get revenge by giving them both a White Monkey.
by G.T. Collins February 05, 2009
83 28
A variation of Dogs in the Tub; While banging someone who has a large vagina or "Loose Burger" due to child birth. A gentleman places his testicles inside the woman along with his penis. Thus making it easier for the entry of the 'Dogs'.
Ingrid was sad after she had a child because her beef curtains had been destroyed. Harvey cheered her up by putting his dogs in the pond.
by G.T. Collins June 13, 2009
60 14
Jizzing into a tornado while standing safely in the eye.
Baxter found himself trapped in the eye of a tornado. With time running out and no other options, he decided to transform the regular tornado into a Mayonnaise Tornado by ejaculating into it. He forever changed the way that people look at tornadoes. Especially horny dudes.
by G.T. Collins May 17, 2009
47 10
Someone that has sex with food.
Delores got home from work early and was looking forward to heating up the leftover spaghetti from the previous night... She walked into the kitchen to find her husband, Baxter, having sex with the leftover pasta... She shouted "you meal banger!" and proceeded to insert a piece of garlic bread in her vagina.
by G.T. Collins August 27, 2009
31 2
Another name for breasts.
Beatrice was bragging about her new nipple piercing and I dared her to show me. She lifted up her shirt to reveal her torso sack. Her nipple was indeed pierced.
by G.T. Collins April 25, 2009
31 3
When a human engages in sexual intercourse with a mythical beast.
Cthulhu was giving ten hand jobs at once, but didn't consider it Mythical Beastiality, because there was no penetration.
by G.T. Collins November 23, 2009
29 14