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4 definitions by G-phresh

Usually happens before/during Getting High.
Can be smoked in forms of Joints, blunts, spliffs, hot knives, or from bowls coming out of pipes, bongs or vaporizors.

dude 1: I want to be smoking weed by 4:20 today.
dude 2: Why 4:20?
dude 1: ... I dunno somethign to do.
dude 1: cool, im down fersure
by G-phresh June 19, 2006
50 18
When smoking weed from a pipe and a piece of the bud comes through the pipe and down your throat/windpipe. Which can cause you to cough and look like an amature smoker.
Stephan: Dude i thought you smoked all the time, you made us look bad in front of those guys.
Leon:Dude im good, it was a scoobie snack from your shitty, wack ass pipe.
Stephan: ... my bad.
by G-phresh June 19, 2006
55 30
1. not being nervous in front of a woman.
(only used for these situations)
Jim Scott: woooah, Glen are you gonna be un-nervous for this party again.
Glen McMillan: depends on how blitzed I am.
by g-phresh June 05, 2006
0 2
Pronounced t'ree Finger - using your thumb, pointer and middle finger to hold a joint or a blunt, hence three fingers (two and a thumb). Usually used when you're smoking a fat one with some buddies.

Can be used as a adjective or verb.
Dude 1: Dude pass the joint
Dude 2: aight its a fatty, im three fingering it
Dude 1: shit my moms coming up the stairs...
by G-phresh June 19, 2006
8 18