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(actually it's my trademark phrase)
An ass monger literally is one who sells or deals in asses, used as an insult its pretty sweet
Hey ass monger, go live in a fucking hole
by G-maximus October 03, 2003
Defender of the castle greyskull. Wears no shirt and tight panties.
'hE-mAN' - A man who is to be refered to as 'He'
He-man master of the universe
by G-maximus October 03, 2003
After a session of anal sex, the penis is removed from the anal cavity to reveal a peice of shit on it. In witnessing this the man pukes on the girls back and her thinking he just came begins to rub 'his hot man juice' all over her body.
Jonny and his girl had corn on the knob last night
by G-maximus October 03, 2003

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