35 definitions by G-man

a person who like fucking or sucking nuts
Sam and Sarah
by g-man February 08, 2003
Slang term that is short for gatorade.
"I'm going to the store. You want anything."

"Get me a watermelon Gaty."
by g-man January 18, 2005
A potato pie made out of grated potatoes.
I like my Shabbos dinner to be made up of kugel, cholent and some nice chicken soup.
by G-man March 16, 2004
Equivalent to fag hag
Jillian is such a fruit fly!
by G-Man December 29, 2002
adj. the highest complement, ranking something above everything else. Syn. sick, wicked, cool, fly
That girl you hooked up with last night was flaccid, or,
That 720 indy grap you threw on the pipe was flaccid.
by G-man February 10, 2004
Jacking off onto a sex parteners face, then using your hairy ball sack to sweep the excess cum into their mouth.
Last night I blew my load on Jane's face and waunted to give her a zamboni, but my balls were to hairy, so I gave her a street sweeper instead.
by G-Man February 21, 2005
Shit Air Seperator: A thin gasket like muscle in the anal cavity that seperates gas from shit. When its broken, it results in a shart
John- I got to go home and change.
Jane- Why?
John- I tried to fart I blew my SAS.
Jane- You dirty son of a bitch.
by G-Man April 01, 2005

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