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Any rag, cloth, blanket, sock, t-shirt, towel, etc. that is used to clean up semen.
Just use this swipey to wipe that jiz off your face.
by g-man January 16, 2005
The unfortunate event that occurs when comsuming a beverage (milk, usually) and due to a joke or other funny event, the act of trying to supress the mirth results in the liquid spraying out of your nose.
I was watching Jim walk down the street and while I took a sip of milk, he fell down the steps, causing me to have a noseblast!
by G-Man January 31, 2004
Any food or beverage that is extremely average in taste.
"How's that burger?"

"Uh, it's pretty truck stopish."
by g-man January 18, 2005
Wheres tha boo boo bama at? I needs ta get high
by g-man April 21, 2003
Asian person who worships "budda"
association or like using Nigger for a black person
Look at that damn buda head!
by g-man September 29, 2003
A person or persons from Asia whom usually is bought from a rich, cracka and is used for sexual favors and has a strategically placed penis where his/her vagina should normally be. Usually bought from a poor Asian family in a large city. Related: transvesite, tranny, shemale, hermaphrodite.
I bought this crazy hot Asian Ladyboy from a cracka in NYC.
by G-Man March 14, 2004
a person who like fucking or sucking nuts
Sam and Sarah
by g-man February 08, 2003

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