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Phrase used by college students when they decide to skip all their classes for a day.
"I'm not going to any classes today, I'm taking a personal day."
by g-man January 18, 2005
A play on the phrase "Fuck Missoula." Used mostly on t-shirts to insult the hippies, yuppies, and yippies from the city of Missoula Montana. Mostly used by the students of Montana State University towards the students the University of Montana.
"The t-shirt place won't make a shirt that says fuck on it. What should we do?"

"Put 'Muck Fissoula' on it."
by g-man January 18, 2005
To commit murder
Let sing that mark a lullabye!
by g-man September 23, 2003
Term used towards Japanese made vehicles.
Which ride is yours?

That blue jap trap over there.
by g-man January 18, 2005
A person of mixed descent, but there is definately some latino heritage persent.
"Is Jessica Alba black or white or what the fuck?"

"I think she's a quarterican."
by g-man January 18, 2005
The word 'Satla'/'Sutul' basically means in Hebrew the feeling after smoking Marijuana.
It can be used to describe being high or just acting stupid. It's adjective is 'Satlan' meaning sombody who smokes a lot.
Damn, I'm in a serious Satla..
(or in Hebrew: Ani besatla ahu-sharmuta)
by G-man April 25, 2005
1/3 red bull 1/3 vodka 1/3 gatorade
supposed cure-all to a hangover or the cause of hangover
Hangover hurry-ups get you real fucked up. Do not exceed equivalent of 4 red bulls in a night
by g-man December 03, 2004

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