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3 definitions by G-g-george

The opposite of insomnia. Usually not experienced by adults until a job is lost and not found again right away.
My brother-in-law may not find the balls to bounce back into the job market. He's clearly fallen into somnolencia mode.
by G-g-george February 13, 2012
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A cautious run-it-up-the-flagpole blog post to test the waters, find out what people are thinking about something new to you.
Jill broadcast a sussquery because she doesn't know what to think yet: "Telephone--sluttiest video ever??"
by G-g-george March 19, 2010
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In like Flynn, out like stout.
When I heard the carry reference, that bitch was out like stout.
by G-g-george April 13, 2010
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