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wigbaltf is an acronym that stands for: Why it gotta be all like that fo?
It is usually used as a comeback when a person or persons have been made fun of or insulted.
Hammond said Shitfawns white motor cycle jacket made him look MAD HOMO. Shitfawn replied "WIGBALTF" (why it gotta be all like that fo?)
by G-VO November 12, 2007
an acronym for wigbaltf (why it got to be all like that fo?)
used when you are too lazy to say w.i.g.b.a.l.t.f.
Phonh lost at 13 card a.k.a. killer....we made fun of him and he said, "WIG.BAL.TF.?"
by G-VO December 22, 2007
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