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Refers to the breasts/cleavage of Mia Fey, a character from the Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney series.

On the GameFAQs Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trials and Tribulations board, user Parakarry101 created a topic in which he imagined Phoenix asking Mia what it was like to be dead, an opportunity that was "RIGHT there in it's busty glory." (Mia is dead but is periodically channeled by her sister Maya and cousin Pearl, who are spirit mediums. Their clothes are too small for Mia, so Mia ends up showing her cleavage whenever she is channeled.) Many posters started posting "BUSTY GLORY" in capital, usually bold letters, which lead to the "BUSTY GLORY" fad.
Pearl's robes are too small to accomodate Mia's BUSTY GLORY.
#phoenix wright #ace attorney #mia fey #breasts #boobs #gamefaqs #cleavage
by G-Suck January 29, 2008
A boss in the video game Sin & Punishment that requires you to use manual, non-lockon shots for the first time, since lockon shots are weaker and cannot destroy it in time. Players asking how to defeat this boss on GameFAQs boards will be beaten to death with Saki's sword gun thingy.

(yes, this is a nod to ShadowZero313's definitions of the n00b bridge and n00b tube from Super Metroid.)
hay guys theres this 1 boss called "polestar" and i get it down to liek 30 HP and then i die HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!
#n00b bridge #n00b tube #sin & punishment #sin and punishment #noob #n00b #gamefaqs #moron
by G-Suck January 26, 2008
The eastern part of San José, California. Known for its having lots of Mexican and Asian residents, as well as a high crime rate.

Places of interest in East SJ include Evergreen Valley College, Eastridge Mall, Chuck E Cheese's, and the infamous King and Story intersection.
I wanted to visit some friends in the East Side, but my mom didn't let me because I might get shot.
#san jose #san josé #south bay #silicon valley #california #northern california #norcal #ca
by G-Suck June 13, 2007
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