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1) A mixed shot, containing a ground up Vicodin and a shot of vodka. Acceptable to substitute the vodka with any other liquor, while still being defined as a vicoshot.

2) Quite possibly the most dangerous thing I've ever invented.
What happened last night? I pounded so many vicoshots I blacked out, puked all over my my girlfriend, woke up with no pants or shirt, and shit myself.
by G-Stoned April 15, 2011

1: To combine garlic with something, usually a meal or food.

2: An incantation to repel vampires from oneself, others, or a general area.
I was disgusting, because Ralph garlicified his bowl of Fruit Loops, which made it taste like raw sewage.

I have been garlicified, therefore, vampires ain't got nothin on me.
by G-Stoned June 09, 2010

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