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haywire + apeshit
Man, that dude with no swuag went apewire on everyone!
by G-Meistro April 11, 2011
a Go-Along-With-It-Girl.
A gawig is a girl who goes along with the situation and is spontaneous and willing to improv situations.
They also help prevent a male individual from going apewire whenever a girl ruins a lie.
I was telling my mom that missed school because my car broke down but my girlfriend isn't a gawig so she she told my mom I was skipping.

Tori is great! She's such a gawig! I made Lavanya believe I am an Olympic swimmer for the Lebanese National Swim Team, and Tori helped convince Lavanya!
by G-Meistro December 01, 2011
Having the manner of a overpowering man, one who is loud, creative, smart, well-mannered, competitive, and "an acquired taste." To be G-Meistrous is both a compliment, an insult, and a challenge
Gregory: Let's have a world capitals contest, I betcha I can whoop your butt and show you who's daddy!

Justin: Sheesh, don't be so G-Meistrous man

Gregory: Oooh... it's on, it's on I tell you
by G-Meistro January 02, 2010
Used to describe people who are both awkward and cute, usually couples. Often, people in new relationships do not know how to act in public together, and thus are adorable (when they are a good match). When this happens, they are awkute.
Look how ridiculous that hug between Adam and Brittany looks! They're so awkute! Aww, are they staring into each other's eyes while playing basketball? So awkute!!!
by G-Meistro June 11, 2014

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