16 definitions by G-Dawg

A term for drugs used by crackhouse (famously the Kozak Crack House) hores.
"Man, that shits worse than diashizol!"
by G-Dawg April 13, 2004
roll'n on twentys n bringin dat gangsta style
"boy, u be ice'n wit dat hat."
by g-dawg April 29, 2003
Used to describe a person who enjoy's sniffing their sister's panties.
Schizoguy sure is a redfox.
by g-dawg March 16, 2003
A common utterance among the minority population that represents the acceptance or aggrement of an action taken by said persons.
by G-Dawg August 23, 2003
Someone who boasts about individual talents which have never been manifested in reality.
Jack is such a hagz, he talks like a champ but aint done nuthin.
by G-dawg April 30, 2003
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