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A girl who goes out and plays guys, acts interested in them and usually has sex with them, but doesn't call them. They simulate the sex life and mentality of a guy, and usually just do it so they have a good story to go share with their girlfriends, like in Sex and the City. They're usually decent looking, but not really that hot. These girls reside and party in NJ and NY and definately do not want a relationship.
"Bro, stop calling Jen, she's not gonna answer or call you back. She's just a sex and the city girl. She totally played you, and tonight, she's out playing someone else. She thinks she's Sarah Jessica Parker."
by G Money Bizzle July 24, 2006
Acronym for "Fuck Right Up The Ass." Can be used as a noun or verb.
This girl's a freak. I think she wants the FRUTA.


If this girl keeps being a bitch, she's gonna get the Fruta.


This girl is feaning and she brought me a basket of fresh FRUTA
by G Money Bizzle July 24, 2006
Acronym for "I Thought Your Ass Was A Pussy." When you want to stick it in a girl's ass without her permission, and you do it anyway by pretending you didn't realize it isn't her pussy. Can be used as a noun or sentence.
Girl, "hey, I didn't give you permission to stick it in my ass!"
Guy, "Oops, ITYAWAP!"


Ron, "I want to FRUTA, but she doesn't want to. What should I do?"
Al, "Lube it up, and pull an ITYAWAP"
by G Money Bizzle July 24, 2006

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