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20 definitions by G Money

To terminate from employment, fire.
"Joe wasn't making sales calls,or making his sales numbers,so I had to shoot him in the head"
by G Money December 23, 2003
1 6
Amazin, thats about it, aka sexy bitch
"O" he is the man
by g money November 05, 2003
1 6
One who aspires to be a pimp, but can never be the real thing. He/she are frequently seen online at chat rooms/forums/personal ads/dating sites boasting how cool/"da bomb"/pimp-ish-alish they are. They are really a cybergeek or geekette and whould never qualify for true pimp-dom. They give the proper "pimp" a bad name
"Check out my screen name, YO...."pimpN8EZ"........"I been hittin da skinz all over the net, YO"....."These cyber bitches are easier than a fi dolla ho"
by G Money May 07, 2005
7 16
The greatest, SEXIEST dominican papi i kno! <333 MUAHHHHHHHHH
I love me some Apachito
by G Money January 06, 2005
3 13
a guy who goes to your wedding and doesn't give you a gift and/or a guy who keeps all the money from an NCAA pool
That mooch screwed me out of a wedding gift
by g money August 08, 2003
2 13
Another term for the word, nigga.
"Yo nucca"
"nucca please"
"what a stupid nucca"
"Yo nucca, i had sex wit ur gurl last night"
by G Money February 04, 2004
9 22
Stolen Property
Some shit I came up on loot.
by G money May 24, 2003
33 47