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1. A douche-bag alpha male.
2. Meat-headed moron male.
3. Muscly idiot who tries to intimidate / impress people with his big muscles and shiny shirt.
"Oh fuck, look at that phallic mallet who just walked in with his retard friends, now all the bitches are gonna bounce and this place will be a sausage fested ghost town -- let's jet too before they get some Jager Bombs in them and start requesting AC/DC."
by G Laz! August 27, 2011
-Behavior unbecoming of a bro.
"I'm serious, that jerkhole fucked my sister!"
"Whoa man, unbromanlike conduct."
by G Laz! August 27, 2011
The location of your bro.
(on the phone)
"Dude, what's your brocation?"

"I'm right behind you you knob, stop phoning me"
by G Laz! August 27, 2011
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