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1.term used for "hustling"

2.winding your body in a clockwise motion (females)
"Now lemme see you get that block work rolling
Lemme see you get that clockwork going
Fiends copping by the clockwork flowing
All day and all night
Till them S.W.A.T. cops rolling
Or that clock stops going
Homie, get on the grind like clockwork
Two for five or a dime, that's clockwork
You ain't gettin off the hook that easy
Lemme see that clockwork
She said look that's easy
Move it around, and around, and around, and around like a clock chick
To the sound, of the sound, of the sound of the clock's
Shorty, move that behind like clockwork
And spin around to the sound of how the clock work

....If you gettin' money
That's clockwork
If you hustlin', that's clockwork" -Juelz Santana, Clockwork
by G L A M December 23, 2005

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