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1. The social pressure one feels by having his friends making him drink more beer than one wants to.

2. The pressure one feels in their bladder after drinking too much beer.
1. Friends: Come on... don't be a wuss, have another beer...

You: Man, stop it with all of this beer pressure

2. After several beers in a row, Todd felt it necessary to relieve some beer pressure in the back alley.
by G Buckey July 18, 2005
Another word for Beer.
Dude, don't spill that beer... that's the nectar of the gods...
by G Buckey July 18, 2005
A mentally retarded person.
Hey man, look at those bobes.....
by G Buckey July 18, 2005
Acronym for "Quick Beer Before Bed" Also know as a "Q tripple-B", it's the last bit of beer pressure you are going to have before hitting the sack. Usually happens when camping or otherwise in an evironment where a large group of people are going to sleep in the same vascinity. You head for bed, and before you get there, you get talked into a "Q-tripple B".
Friend: Dude, you're not wussing out on us now are you? How 'bout a QBBB?

You: O.K
by G Buckey July 18, 2005
Something that is plain and ordinairy
Dude, let's get out of here ... this party is so brown bread....
by G Buckey July 18, 2005
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