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A great online FPS game that has sadly been over-run by autistic 10 to 14 year olds who like to scream at you over the mic while their balls are waiting to drop. The only way to compete is be a great player or have gone to college for l337 5p34k. Many people bash it because they lack enough skill to play the game. They do this by whining that it's 'not realistic' enough (even though they'd suck at that too) as they take a hit off their inhailer. Servers are run like Nazi Germany by little kids who ban you when ever you blow their heads off while going "H4XX0|2 OMG WTF LOL! B4N TYM3 I R L337! DUN7 FUX W/ TH15!!!11" Also you are shot while trying to decipher coded messages that you soon find out were in fact, not coded messages, but a remedial bastard trying to inform you of an enemy's position. "enmee een phents go ruuf!!!" or "hee at hoistse!" "I hve smlal dkic"
A good game that many people bash, but it is still fun and enjoyable once you find a nice server that does not have a ton of retards in it.
by G BARNEY BITCH! June 21, 2004
A town bitches bash on because they don't like Brazilians, Puerto Ricans, Blacks, or Indians because they're racist sons of shit. Probally afraid to get jumped by someone from Beaver, Carlson, or Pearl Harbor. Many strange people wander Down Town
Bitches bash Framingham cause they've been jumped and chased and beat down, and don't come from a hood.
by G BARNEY BITCH! June 21, 2004
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