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2 definitions by G*O*A*T

Before becoming the ever-so-loved children toy, "Pixos", this little drug looking fun device which only needed water to form a t-rex out of many little beads, was slipped into un-suspecting college drinks causing a rise in date-rape college incidents.
Man: Dude, I heard Mandy got raped last night. They said she got knocked out by some Aqua-Dots.

Man 2: Dude, that sucks. Effed up by a childs toy.
by G*O*A*T August 07, 2009
7 5
Another version of the "Bean Dip" or a "Titty Flip" using a coin to flip up ones breast or moob.
Man: Dude, why'd you go and bean dip me?

Man 2: Why'd you Bean Tip me?
by G*O*A*T August 07, 2009
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