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A country with a rich history, site of the world's first city, now illegally invaded by the US to the digust of the U.N. and the rest of the world.

Dumbasses, terrorists are not attacking the US for no reason, they are pissed off that their homelands keep getting interfered with/attacked.

All this is going to do is create a harder breed of terrorists. Foreign terrorists are coming to the war zone of Iraq for just a chance to fight Americans. That should say a lot about the international image of America.
All nationalistic bullshit does is create more wars. But lets keep killing each other until the planet is rubble. But even though the guy I'm killing bleeds the same red blood as me, at least he doesn't look like me. So my team/country must be better.
by G* June 24, 2005
A dipper is an East Indian who has the following qualities:

1. Extreme anger
2. No manners
3. Acts like a complete retard
4. Mentally locked at the age of 12.
5. Will fight with no provaction.
6. Drinks like a fish, uses drugs.

Basically, the Indian equivalent of any other type of douche.
Look at that dipper over there, thanks for giving normal people a bad name.
by G* April 29, 2005
Traveling through Europe by train - seeing all the sights and living the traveler's life using simply a rail pass.
I decided to spend my summer eurailing - I saw 17 different countries, and had sex every night with at least one different European woman.
by g* December 30, 2013

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