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2 definitions by G's Up, Hoes Down

Defined Gangster rap, brought Ice Cube and Dr. Dre from poverty to riches, and in the end was dissed by them. Started up the once strong Ruthless Records, and created the notorious rap grou pf the 80s and 90s NWA. Died from AIDS, but is always remmebered by his fans and his tru friends Bone Thugz and harmoney, and DJ Yella!
Motherfuck Dre, Motherfuck Snoop, Motherfuck Deathrow, yo and here comes my left blow!
by G's Up, Hoes Down December 06, 2003
fucken noob, eazy-e hated deathrow, and get with the times, all those artists left, all deathrow have now is kurupt, crooked-i and i think michele...
One of the most popular gangster rap labels, but now just another label like ruthless records, trying to survive and pretending there as good as Aftermath (i like eazy-e but u gotta admit, ruthless records is now fucked up)
by G's Up, Hoes Down December 06, 2003