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2 definitions by G's Spot

white, sometimes crusty remnants of post-nasal drip caused by "doing a line" or "some lines" of an illegal substance such as cocaine or methaphetamine (speed). Possession of any of these illegal drugs is classified as a felony. These remnants will often form ring(s) in the opening of the nasal passages.
Felony Ring(s)
Those felony ring(s) are going to get you fired!

I know what he had for lunch. Look at those felony ring(s).

Always check your nose in the mirror for felony ring(s) after lunch.
by G's Spot November 17, 2005
My pre-teen daughter explained spontaneous combustion as:

a random and sudden outburst of laughter
Suffering from spontanious combustion usually stems from nervousness or excitement.

This girl in dentention was given almost 2 months because she went into a spontanious combustion situation.

by G's Spot December 03, 2005