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176 definitions by G

g-unit was a group of gangsters who originated from Salsburgh, Scotland.Gurella Unit was the gangs name.50 cent stole this name from them.
by g November 01, 2003
Raming ones cock into the asshole of a female without lubrication or prior warning.
Yo, I was fuckin her doggy-style when I decided to yam her cause she had a nice asshole.
by G October 14, 2004
giga is a superior being, smarter than all humans. giga is always correct on any subject matter, and holds the ultimate truth on how the world should be.
That's a tough question. I know, lets ask giga for the answer!
by g April 06, 2004
Greatest insult EVAR

See dork, schmuck.
Brian is a dorkschmuck.
by G March 28, 2003
a genius. the best rapper alive.
if i had a magic wand, i'd make the world suck my dick without a condom on
by g February 27, 2005
MIchael Hardy. He sits on the little platform by the office of EDHS and ponders!
The gremlin sat on the platform pondering!
by G April 16, 2004
someone who is wired 2 a mars bar, crazy, daft, stupid, idiot
"your an absolute rocket"
by G January 27, 2004