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Means u av seen summin u like, eg clothing or a pair of kicks.
Similar comments:
'Thas the shit'
'Them Kicks are heavy what'
by G July 10, 2004
due to the large amounts of crack she ingests, we refer to my sister as COCAINA TINA
by G December 14, 2003
Someone who has grown an extremely large "head".Scottish word.
For fuck sake Cowans heeds grown bigger over the summer
by G August 18, 2003
A guy who takes it as it comes and is totally cool with everything.
That rogerdodger, man, he doesn't get worked up over anything.
by G August 11, 2003
to park your pink vehicle in her brown garage (with force)
I flipped her over and kicked the back door in!!
by G August 04, 2003
Dub Gangster
DJ Gdub music is so bass heavy
you can feel the vibrations in
by G January 09, 2004
Another word for an SMS message
Wait up homey, I got a mezza
by G January 03, 2005
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