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1 definition by G!

A person who strives at being part of a specific group of classification. Often refered to people who listen and dress according to the latest fashions of Hardcore or Metalcore. Scene things to do is atttend shows(local small concert venues) regularly. If you are a true scenester then you will go just to mingle with other scene kids and not for the music. Scene kids are usually either straight edge (no drinking, drugs, smoking, casual sex) and are noticable with huge X's on their hands or raging alcoholic/drug addicted/sexaholocics. Scene kids are usually very noticable with tight clothing, some form of Blood Brothers clothing, and crazy hair.
Boys in girl pants or jackets.
Buttons in random places on shirts, jeans, jacket, hoodie, ect.
Hair styles where the bangs are longer than any other part of the hair.
by G! February 28, 2005