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When 3* guys have sex with each other at the same time (3 or more)
Human Centipede but with dicks
This is the Human Penispede
by Fyuria May 01, 2011
scumbro- a style of hair that is accidental. it is most likely caused by laziness and disregard of personal hygiene
ie: person 1: matt has mutton chops!!! person 2: no, just scumbros.
by Fyuria July 11, 2010
Crustjob- The act of removing the cheese from a stuffed crust pizza and using it to masturbate with.
Alex- Yo dude did you hear that Nick gave himself a crustjob?

Matt- Ohhh dude thats nasty, i was wondering why he didn't eat the cheese.
by Fyuria July 19, 2010

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