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One of the best friends you will ever meet in your life. 2) Getting fucked hard by a Giovanni or Geo.
1) "Damn bro, you're a Raketed friend". 2) "Fucked you hard bitch".
by Fyries August 14, 2009
1)Probaly and Absolutly the most coolest person you'd me on Habbo and Runescape2) Also a word of love and feirce passion, Dedication to do what your mind is set to do.
1) Holy shit its Fyries! Dude you're the best skiller alive! 2) Damn baby, I got the Fyries for ya..
by Fyries August 14, 2009
1)A horny Victoria or sexy girl wanting a Geo or sex badly. 2) A super fucking hot Bryan.
1) "Damn Victoria your fucking sexy". 2) "Bryan you Slamina son of a bitch!"
by Fyries August 14, 2009
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