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A great/heavy Christian screamo band. Many people hate Underoath for copying Alexisonfire when, in fact, they formed years before. They're talent is wasted on "mainstream loving" teens who don't know a damn thing about good music and only like them in some desperate hope of looking cool and getting laid. Although not the most musically talented band ever (aka not Rush), they'll rock your socks any day of the week.
angsty teen: have sex with me cause i like underoath
me: shut the hell up (round house to the ground followed by the peoples elbow)
by FxnRaPa October 08, 2005
Just another shitty macrobrew. The only slightly redeeming thing about molson is Rickard's Red. For all of you who regularly drink Molson, Labatts, Kokanee, etc.... drop dead. Support your local microbrew and taste some real beer.
"Man, this Molson is nothin' but indian piss. Maybe I should stop being a cheap bastard and buy something that deserves to be called beer."
by fxnrapa December 13, 2005

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