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2 definitions by Fuzzy Foxxy

The act of a gay, submissive young man, sucking, or "nomming", on a dominant man's testicles that have a little bit of stubble left after a day or two from not shaving.
That's a good fuzz muncher, munch on daddy's fuzz...
by Fuzzy Foxxy May 25, 2011
An IMVU member who is completely full of himself, thinks he is higher up than anybody else, uses his fiancé for money and sex. He is contradicting, a backstabber, a hypocrite, a liar, and a lazy dead-beat who can't keep a job or support himself in any way. Scams women into paying his way and having sex with him. Overall, the worst person EVER.
IrishExile is the worst person to ever exist.
I agree, a person like IrishExile does not deserve life.
by Fuzzy Foxxy May 25, 2011