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4 definitions by Fuu Ikari

A group of people who spend most of their time online who spread around the bunny logo:

(='.'=) This is Bunny. Copy and paste Bunny into your
(")_(") signature to help him gain world domination.

in return for a seat of power in his new world order. No one knows if bunny is good or evil or his true identity,and no one knows what path bunny will take, but bunny is an aspect of the internet you cant ignore.

DISCLAIMER: I'm in the Bunny Army, kk? JOIN THE BUNNY ARMY!
Fuu: Smack dat! I'm in the f-ing Bunny Army!!!
Katelyn: WTF?
Jordan: So am I.
Katelyn: Ok, I have no idea what ur talking about.
Fuu: Loser!
by Fuu Ikari June 17, 2007
A person obsessed with the Harry Potter franchise. A harry potter fangirl.
Damn, Abby is such a pottard. She knows every line from every book by heart, and she's read every book and seen every movie 8 times!
by Fuu Ikari June 02, 2007
A person who you can't tell what gender they are. (i.e A female with no boobs and really short hair who dresses in baggy clothing)
Katelyn: Is that a chick or a dude?
Fuu: It's an it until further notice.
Tess: Stop being mean...
by Fuu Ikari June 02, 2007
Derived from the main character of FLCL, Natoa's nickname, Takkun.

1. An extremely feminine preeteen/teenage boy

2. A lowerclassman

3. Virgin (male)
"You are such a takkun! I cant beleive you read Cosmopolitan!" "That guy over there is a takkun to me. He's only in the 6th grade!"

by Fuu Ikari June 01, 2007