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The act of presuading a doctor to write a “script” (or prescription) for morphine, known to junkies as “making the croaker”
Bill made the croaker twice in one week.
by fusco September 02, 2003
Alternate name for a garva. See "Garva". As above the hybrid of a goth and a charva.
Kappa traxoot. Studdud dogcolla. Simultaneously. Nuff said.
by fusco November 04, 2003
A word used to describe something/someone disgusting. In our day and age we use negative words to describe things in a positive way, so to be pigpen means to be unstoppable at whatever activity it is you are participating in.

Pigpen refers to the infamous peanuts character who can bearely be seen through the cloud of dust and dirt that follows him. He is the epitome of disgusting.
John didn't miss a shot in our game yesterday. He pwned the other team because he is so fuckin' pigpen.
by Fusco March 09, 2006
First you must save a large quantity of seminal fluid in a jar. Next you must dip the index and/or middle finger into said jar. Finally finger dat bitch like it's 1999 causing the whore to become impregnated with your child. For 9 months this bitch will be all over your cock piece and afterwards if she wants to leave at least you have a young child to force into slave labor.
"Dude this girl was totally cock teasing me so when I finally hooked up with her I gave her ye olde jizz finger. Now she won't leave me alone cause I'm her baby's daddy. Best part is in 9 months I'll have a slave baby to clean my apartment."
by Fusco October 27, 2007
derivative of the geordie word "belta" of the same meaning
That old Heworth Comprehensive saying "belta-buzz"
by fusco September 02, 2003

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