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2 definitions by Fury Rider

A series of buttons to press in the Xbox game Halo 2, used somewhat frequently in Xbox Live matches and LAN Tournaments. By pressing B(Melee), X(Cancels Melee animation)and R (Shoot) In succession, when you near an enemy, you will successfully take down his shield, and kill him with the three shots from a Battle Rifle (This is the only weapon for a true BXR to be used successfully.) BXR can save you from close firefights as you can kill an enemy almost instantly, regardless of your health and shield bar.
"My BXR is hella sick"
by Fury Rider April 02, 2006
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What most people from the USA call "McDonalds"
"Fuckin Americans and their MacDonalds"
by Fury Rider April 30, 2006
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