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Furries are Members of furry fandom.They Recive Alot of insults for reasons such as Stereotypes and the fact that they are different. Like most stereotypes they are not fact.
Furry stereotype: homosexuals who go to conventions so they can Have Sex With Each other.

What happens at conventions: Furries go to Conventions to show off there art,stories and other creations they have made.

Sexuality of Furries: in various studies which asked Furries about there sexuality 30-51% Responded Hetrosexual, 19-25% Responded Homosexual and 37-48% responded Bisexual.

Fursuits: Furries wear Fursuits beacause it makes them feel unique . Some People make their own! A few people Auction off their fursuits and give the money to charity. Many furries are Party Entertainers for young children and wear there Fursuits to entertain. A fursuit costs around

400$ to 1,500$.

Social Aspect: Fur cons and Furfan Websites are a great way to make new friends. In a study, Furries who were in a Romantic Relationship (about 50% of those questioned) around 75% where dating someone who was a Furfan.
Furry: im going to have a great time at Califur!
Guy: Furries are gay.
Furry: I accept the things you like, Why don't you accept the things i like?
guy: What do i like that you accept?
Furry: For example you like wasting your life trolling.
by Furry13556 May 09, 2011

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