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someone who is a sexy motherfucker.
Damn, he's one helluva sex pot!
by Furrowed Brow April 01, 2004
a way of talking about someone specific: to avoid ramming their name into the ground; to sound contractual; or to completely obscure that person's identity and save face.
i, j-doe, do hereby attest to agreement between self and said person that neither shall utter a word about what just happened.
by Furrowed Brow April 21, 2004
an adjective describing the dense state of traffic on the road.
Nina said that it was so trafficky on I-95, it took her 3 hours to get from DC back to Richmond after shopping for 5 hours at Ikea, which totally sucked because it made her late for the party.
by Furrowed Brow April 01, 2004
the phrase you want to utter after the best lay of your life so far has dumped you for another, but you refrain because you don't want to sound pathetic. nevertheless, deep down you hope they'll come to their senses and come crawling back for more 'cause you, too, were the best lay of their life so far.
i emailed said person to let said person know that i was no longer interested in seeing said person. and when said person dropped by that night to pick up said person's stuff, all i wanted to say was, "call me someday." instead, said person just shrugged and apologized, and i just muttered, "it's okay."
by Furrowed Brow April 21, 2004
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