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2 definitions by Furious_George

Food + Boredom = Foodom

1. Eating out of boredom

2. Getting bored with always eating the same foods.
After coming home from a band tour with "the guys", Andy's mother asked him how it went. Andy had a long face. He looked up, trying to hide the tears, and sobbingly informed his mother that it had been plagued with a nasty case of foodom.
by Furious_George January 09, 2011
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A Warning that comes too late.
Chester Qualsneck was upset to find out shortly after drinking his 5 hour energy that the bottle had been lying in a birdbath, utterly forgotten for the last year and a half. His outburst of anger toward his laughing "friends" indicated that he would have much preferred a warning rather than the loathsome darning.
by Furious_George July 14, 2011
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