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A place where very small members of staff or administration can go to battle.
OMG letz go to teh admini arena so I can PWN u!
by Furiae! December 26, 2007
A word describing someone who completely lacks common sense. A noob in every sense of the word. Someone who has been beaten with the idiot stick over and over. A person who has become so accustomed to failure that their life is not complete if they happen to succeed at something.

See also: wolfy
person 1: "Oh shit. That idiot Zubin is talking again."
person 2: "WTF! Doesn't he realize he sounds more snarfy with every word that spills from his stupid little keyboard?"
person 1: "Don't let him hear you. That snarf is probably going to be the next Unibomber."
by Furiae! January 26, 2008
A word describing a person who fails at everything.
person 1: "Zubin is acting all wolfy again."
person 2: "It's not an act. That snarf talks like he's big shit but he's really nothing."
by Furiae! January 26, 2008
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