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A furby with flames around them.
They usually resemble with red light glowing in the center.
They can shoot flames from anywhere.
The purporse for this is unknown, and how they do it is also unknown.
An evil furby shoots flames at you. You dodge and see the eyes glow red.
You scamble for saftey, but once you find shelter, it goes on fire.
"OH NO! It's an evil furby! AHHHHHHHHHHH!"
"Please, evil furby, don't set me on fire!"
"BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Fear the power of my evil furby!!!"
by FurbyFreeLand June 16, 2004
A furby's dance is one that you have to balance a furby on your head while you're dancing.
"Want to go to a furby's dance?"
by FurbyFreeLand June 16, 2004
A place where furbies live.
"Where do you come from?"
by FurbyFreeLand June 16, 2004
An Evil Furby that hides his flames and wears sunglasses. Also carries a gun and wears a furby's clothings.
The cool furby shot you to death. Boo hoo boo hoo...
by Furbyfreeland October 11, 2004
A furby that used to be a human.
Slang for furby.
Hey, furbyboy! Want a cake?
Honey! Furbygirl! Are you there?
by FurbyFreeLand June 16, 2004
Someone who lives in FurbyLand.
Also defined as a spy or so...
"Did you see that furby pass by?"
"Ahh... the magical place of FurbyLand..."
by FurbyFreeLand June 16, 2004

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