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The group of followers of Stephen Colbert (host of The Colbert Report) who act on suggestions made during the show. The term was first used on the talk page of the Wikipedia entry for elephant, after Colbert called for the entry to be modified to reflect a (fictitious) three-fold increase in the elephant population. The Colbertistas are said to engage in Colberrorism.
The Colbertistas are changing the 'latchkey kid' entry now, times to lock it down.
by FurTip August 04, 2006
Negative actions undertaken at the request of Stephen Colbert on his television show, "The Colbert Report". Examples so far are limited to the vandalism of Wikipedia articles such as 'elephant', 'latchkey kid' and related articles.
In an annoying act of colberrorism, another anonymous user has tried to add false information to the elephant article.
by FurTip August 04, 2006

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